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Patek Philippe Complications Replica

Patek Philippe Complications Replica, a Swiss watchmaker of renown, has released its first tourbillon timepiece. Venturer Tourbillon Dual Time is a watch equipped with a proprietary automatic movement.Patek Philippe Complications Replica The new caliber has two innovative features that were developed in-house. The first is an escapement that has a double-hairspring, which greatly enhances precision and isochronism. The second is a design that makes it easier to service the tourbillion. The red gold case of the novel watch will cost around $98,800 when it is released in September.

The first tourbillion of the brand founded by Heinrich Moser was done entirely in-house, with its most important technical innovations. It is an escapement that has a pair balance springs to eliminate gravitational errors. Straumann Double Hairspring is used in this type of escapement, which Patek Philippe Complications Replica first introduced four years earlier. It was named after Nivarox inventor and man who developed the original ideas. This invention includes an escapement that has two balance springs of the same design. The two springs are placed opposite each other so that the joint center remains at the arbor's center. This arrangement eliminates the negative gravitational effects on the watch's functioning and improves accuracy and isochronism.Breitling Replica This arrangement was used before in other models, but it's the first time that the brand has applied it to a tourbillion. Caliber HMC 802 is not only equipped with Straumann double hairspring but also includes Moser interchangeable module for tourbillions, which makes servicing it a breeze.

On request, this movement can be set to dual time. The watch has a three-day power reserve and a self winding system. It has a second time display, in addition to its tourbillion and central hours and minute. The second time zone is displayed by a red hour hand that can either be visible on the dial or hidden under the standard time hand if it's not needed.

The Venturer Tourbillon Dual Time watch is housed in a housing of 18K red gold. The rear is made up of a sapphire segment with a diameter of 41.5mm and a thickness of 14.3mm. Its curved, pronounced crystal is made of the same material. Patek Philippe Complications Replica chose a brown leather band that locks with a red gold folding buckle to attach the watch. In September, when the $98,800 Venturer watch hits the stores, we can expect to learn more about this elegant and stylish creation.
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